The Learning Resource Center provides an important learning-opportunity resource necessary to support the educational and training programs of the students, faculty and staff. It consists of a growing collection of books and special projects and Internet facility which includes e-journals and e-books.

The library is set-up and maintained as part of the university with distinct function. It is located between the Multi-Purpose Hall and the Dormitory Building.

It is newly renovated that is conducive to learning and can accommodate around one hundred fifty (150) readers at a time.

Its furniture and facilities are arranged to promote easy use and accessibility of all materials for quick and easy access by students.

The Learning Resource Center uses integrated library information system, Resource Information Zone and Access to Literature (myRIZALE) which includes eight (8) menu commands, namely: Files, Search (OPAC), Circulation, Acquisition, Inventory, Reports, Settings, Venue and Equipment Reservation, and Attendance.     

TUPT – Learning Resource Center a modernize Learning Center, rich in print and non-print resources, taking lead in quality information services, in support of the University quest for excellence in engineering and technology education.

The TUPT – Learning Resource Center a client-centered library, aims to develop an optimum utilization of resources, to effectively sustain the user’s needs that will respond globally to the growing complexities of information. 

The vital goals of TUPT – Learning Resource Center are:

  1. To provide an accurate and adequate information to the LRC users.
  2. To render an effective and efficient services to the LRC users.
  3. To facilitate the fastest and easiest way in providing information.
  4. To meet the informational, cultural and social needs of the   community.


  • On school days
    Monday to Friday               7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

  • On vacation period
    Monday to Friday               8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

  • Closed on Saturdays and Sundays or in the event of “Suspended Classes” due to Special or Legal Holidays and calamity time.


The following may avail of the library services:

  1. All bonafide students of TUPT
    1. All TUPT students may present their School ID for all transactions at the library.
    2. The TUPT School ID is non-transferable.
    3. Any students caught using another TUPT School ID and/or student caught lending his/her ID to another student shall subject to disciplinary sanction: where First Offense is given warning by the librarian, with record at the LRC logbook, and Second Offense is given sanction according to the provision of the Student Handbook.
  2. All administrators, faculty and employees of TUPT
    1. All TUPT personnel must present their ID upon entry to the LRC.
  3. Researchers from other school
    1. They shall have referral letter coming from their respective head librarian/s addressed to the head librarian of TUPT – LRC.
    2. They have to pay Php 50.00 per visit per person to the Cashier Office for the use of materials (for room use only) and services, except multi-media and Internet. Receipt of payment must be presented to the librarian upon entry.
  4. Alumni
    1. They must present TUPT alumni ID to the librarian upon entry.
    2. They are allowed to avail of books from room use only. However, they may not avail of the multimedia and Internet.


The following should be observed inside the LRC at all times. Violation on the rules of conduct shall be subject to disciplinary sanctions as provided in the Student Handbook/ Faculty Manual/ Non-Teaching Personnel Manual.

  1. Proper conduct is expected of the user at all times. Any LRC staff has the authority to ask everyone causing disturbance inside to leave the LRC premises.
  2. Silence must be observed while inside the LRC.
  3. No food and drinks are allowed inside the LRC at all times.
  4. Since TUPT LRC adapts the closed-shelf system, users are required to deposit their personal things except money and valuables at a designated baggage counter inside the LRC.
  5. Seats are not to be reserved and disarranged. Anything left on the reading tables shall be removed by the LRC staff to make room for other users.
  6. Care for books, desks, furniture and other materials should be observed. Hence, vandalism in any form such as writing on books, LRC tables and chairs, any form of mutilation, and other analogous acts are not allowed.
  7. Theft in any form, plagiarism in any form, unauthorized use of the Internet service, and other forms of misconduct shall not be allowed.
  8. Public services shall cease 15 minutes before the closing time to enable the LRC staffs to put the LRC in order for the next day’s work.