The Circulation Services consist of library materials that the students may avail of using the “closed-shelf” system – that only the librarians and/or library personnel can take the books from the shelves.

Books are classified according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), that is, the books on the same subject are grouped together. When a particular book is not in the shelf, the said book may be out on loan, or is pulled out of circulation for possible repair, rebinding or re-shelving, and therefore, the assistance of the librarian may be sought.

Policies and procedures when borrowing of books from the Circulation Section:

  1. The library users will first have to search the book at the OPAC (On-line Public Access Catalog) by doing the following:
    1. Type the keywords in the textbox (author, title or subject); and,
    2. The list of titles will appear at the list box then the user will select his preferred book to view the full information of the record.
  2.  He will then write the call number of the book in a piece of paper and present it to the Librarian at the Circulation Desk.
  3.  Then the Librarian will locate the book at the book shelves.
  4.  Once the book is located, the library user will present his valid school ID for verification, checking and recording of books.
    1. For room use only - two books can be borrowed but only for inside use or for photocopy purposes.
    2. For overnight - only books that have multiple copies can be borrowed for overnight and it is issued after 5 p.m. and to be returned the following morning before 9 a.m.
    3. For fiction books – they can be borrowed 3-5 days depending on the content of the books.
    4. When borrowing overnight books, the borrower will fill out his personal information in the book card (write the date, your name and course).
    5. The Librarian in turn, will write the date when to return the book at the date due slip.
  5.  Finally, the borrower will wait until the book is properly processed for loan out.
  6.  Students must return books on loan to the Librarian, those who fail to return a particular book on its due date will be subjected to a fine of Php10.00 per day per book.
  7.  Paying of the library fine amounting forty pesos (P40.00) and below will be made at the Learning Resource Center. Students will log their payments at the Library Fines/Penalty Form (FM-LRC-11). These collected overdue fees will be submitted to the Cashier at the end of the term.
  8. Those payments that are amounting to fifty pesos (P50.00) and above will be done at the Cashier Office. The Librarian will just furnish the student a Payment Order Form to the students to be filled up and be presented to the Cashier Office. The Cashier Office will give the Official Receipt for this payment, then the borrower will go back to the library to present to the Librarian the said receipt to clear student’s accountability in the library system.
  9.  In case of losses, the borrower shall notify any of the Librarians or LRC   staff immediately. The borrower shall replace the material, either with the same title or another title acceptable to the library. In addition, the borrower shall pay a processing fee amounting to thirty pesos (P30.00) and a corresponding fine computed from the due date to the date when the borrower notified the Librarian.


The General Reference Sections has encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other book collections which are available for room use only and may not be taken out of the LRC. However, should there be no users scheduled on a given day, the books may be issued for classroom use upon request of the faculty, provided such shall be returned to the LRC immediately after class.


The Filipiniana Section housed with books and instructional materials written by Filipino authors and published in the Philippines or topic about Philippines and Filipinos. They are for room use only. However, should there be no users scheduled on given day, the books may be issued for classroom use upon request of the faculty, provided such shall be returned to the library immediately after class.


The Periodical Section includes instructional and reference materials such as serials (newspapers, magazines and journals), vertical files such as newspaper clippings are for room use only.

The Research Section includes the collections of thesis, dissertations and research papers made by the students of TUP-T. Collections are arranged by specialization/courses and labeled color coding for easy access.


The Fiction Books can be circulated for 3-5 days depending on the content of the books.


Internet Section can be used by students for on-line searching, browsing and for educational purposes only.  TUPT LRC subscribes e-JOURNALS and e-BOOKS for additional references that can be used by the students and faculty members. It can be access anywhere within the campus depending on the availability of Wi-Fi connection and it can also be access outside the campus by using designated username and password.


Baggage Counter is a section in the library where LRC users deposit their bags/belongings (except wallet, cellular phones and other personal belongings).

  1. All library users are required to scan their school ID at the barcode scanner at the computer located at the entrance door as a means of students’ attendance to the LRC. Students should log-in every time they enter the library.
  2. All library users that enter the library should leave their belongings at the Library Baggage Depository Area.  
  3. Upon surrendering clients’ bags, the LRC staff on duty will give a corresponding number for safety and security purposes of these belongings.

           3.1 All bags, containers, briefcases, and other paraphernalia should be deposited in the Baggage Depository Area before entering the Library.
           3.2 Personal books, notebooks and laptop (provided that they are battery operated only, use of electricity is not allowed) that will be used inside the Library shall be allowed to be brought in.
           3.3 No food shall be allowed inside the Library.

       4.Clients leaving the LRC will surrender the corresponding baggage number to claim their belongings. In case of loss baggage number the client will pay processing fee of P100.00 to the Cashier’s Office.

       5. The library clients are responsible for their own valuables and things. The Library shall not be liable for any losses incurred due to the carelessness of the user.

       6. Loss of Baggage Counter number should be reported immediately to the Librarian for proper action and payment.